The Clever Pup Training Newcastle NSW



One-on-one coaching to help you train your dog, in-home and in your surrounding neighbourhood

The Clever Pup Training Newcastle NSW



Your dog gets an enriching walk, plus basic training whilst you’re at work. Perfect for those a little time poor

The Clever Pup Training Newcastle NSW



Have a wedding or other special events coming up? Let your pup/s be part of your special day, worry-free!

The Clever Pup Training Newcastle NSW



Obedience and behaviour group classes coming soon! Register your interest via email or socials!




Duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: starting from $150.00


During the initial consultation, Chloe will assess your dog’s behaviour, environment and relationship with owner, and afterwards work up a tailored step-by-step plan to set your dog up for success and provide you with necessary reading material to reinforce the practical side of training.


The initial consultation is a private coaching, in-home service, that can also take place in your surrounding neighbourhood to help teach your dog how to behave in a range of different environments and scenarios. 


Follow up obedience and behavioural training sessions are suited to dogs of all ages (under and over 6 months), and each session is tailored specifically to you and your dog’s needs. They are available as either a one-off or ongoing program with inclusives. Please enquire for more pricing and more details.




Duration: 1 hour

Cost: starting from $45


Do you lack the time to give your dog a daily walk? Are they bouncing off the walls when you get home from work? The Clever Pup provides sessions for owners who may be lacking in time to walk and train their dog. With Chloe, your dog has the opportunity to stretch its legs and burn off excess energy.

If you would like Chloe to take your dog on an adventure to new environments/beaches/parks, a small travel fee will incur based on your location.


The duration of these sessions will depend on your dog’s breed, age and current health status.




Duration: 0.5 - 1 hour

Cost: starting from $35


Do you have a wedding, birthday or other special event coming up and wish to involve your four-legged family member/s? How wonderful! 


The Clever Pup understands that you must have a thousand things to organise to pull this event together, and a to-do list the length of a mile, so if you will… let us take one thing off your hands.


The Clever Pup offers a specialised events and wedding chaperone service which includes the following:


Initial meet and greet: Between yourself and Chloe, a date and time will be arranged to conduct an initial meet and greet where yourself, your pup/s and Chloe can get to know each other and discuss requirements/event details. 


Day of event: 

  1. Your pup/s will be taken for a walk prior to the event starting to ensure that the dog is relaxed and content during the event.

  2. If desired, your pup/s will be dressed in an outfit that you choose.

  3. During the event, Chloe will work efficiently and effectively to ensure that your pup/s are well looked after, and provide assistance with your pup/s during event photos.

  4. Your pup/s will be transported from your house to the event venue, and from the event venue to an allocated place such as your house, a boarding kennel or elsewhere as previously discussed.


Please note that the cost listed is relative to the meet & greet service only.





Duration: approx 1 hour / 5 weeks

Cost: $120 for entire program (5 weeks)


Coming soon. Group obedience and behavioural classes can help improve your dogs listening skills around distractions in busy environments. We will work on real-life skills needed for your dog to be well mannered and focused in social settings around other dogs and people.


Group obedience and behavioural training classes will occur once a week for a total of 5 weeks. They will be targeted to adolescent dogs 6 months and over. There will be a maximum of 5 dogs, and no more than two handlers per dog, per class.


Location: Newcastle.


Feel free to email your expression of interest. Stay tuned for more information!